ClaireAndersonPhoto_AboutPagePhoto_ClaireClaire began her photography journey over 7 years ago photographing everything from weddings to babies, until she found her niche in teen portraiture. She created the highly sought after Clara Bella Photography Experience in Dallas, TX, which is an all-inclusive, luxury portrait experience for high school senior girls. She continues to manage the operations in Dallas, and has even expanded her business in Texas to once again include family portraits. Claire now resides in Sunny South Florida and specializes in teen editorial, fashion and lifestyle photography and senior portraits under her brand, Claire Anderson Photography.

Claire’s work has been internationally published in Vogue & Marie Claire Magazine, and she was named one of the “Top 100 Senior Photographers in the US” by Senior Style Guide Magazine for 2 years in a row, one of the “Top 30 Senior Photographers” by Seniorologie‘s Peoples Choice Award, and one of the 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers by Modern Teen Style. Claire’s style of photography is often described as natural, soft, beautiful and “light infused”.

Hi, I’m Claire!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I have been completely obsessed with photography ever since I can remember. I  bought my very first DSLR online, and while I anxiously awaited its arrival I went to Barnes & Noble everyday during my lunch break to study camera books so I would know what “all those buttons were”. The next day I assisted a wedding photographer, and that was it. I was in love. I knew that photography was going to be my career. My number one goal and mission is to ensure every client leaves their session feeling beautiful and confident. I absolutely LOVE meeting and getting to know my clients, and learning about what makes them unique. I’m truly so grateful that everyday I get to do what I love for a living. As cliche as it sounds I know with 100% certainty that I am fulfilling my destiny!


Random facts about me…

  • I grew up in the Dallas suburbs of Southlake & Grapevine, and although I am a Texas girl at heart I knew that one day I would live on the beach!
  • I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a triple minor in Business Marketing, Fashion & Psychology to equal my “Major” (yes it exists!)
  • I married my best friend & the love of my life on March 29th 2008, and we have 2 furry babies, a shih tzu named CJ & a Pomeranian princess named Coco (who is also the love of my life 😉 )
  • After spending 29 years of my life in Texas, my husband received a job transfer to LA which was a dream come true for me. We loved living and exploring the beautiful state of California, but it wasn’t even a year later that my husband received yet another promotion which took us all the way across the country to Sunny South Florida! We now reside in a beach side town just north of Miami, and I absolutely LOVE it here.
  • I am a Taurus as well as an INFJ-T to the “T” but no one would ever believe I am actually an introvert 😉
  • I love nature, sunshine and being outdoors
  • Spring is my favorite time of the year, but here in South Florida I’m learning to embrace never-ending-summer
  • I love reading deep inspirational books, and pinning motivational quotes, dream houses, makeup tutorials, fashion, cute baby animals and of course beautiful photography
  • I am a life long student of my craft just as much as I am a student of personal development
  • I have learned to be a risk-taker but I certainly wasn’t born that way
  • My husband is the most incredible human being I’ve ever known, and he brings out the absolute best in me (see above) 🙂
  • I am genuinely happy 99% of the time because I feel that happiness is a choice not a result
  • I am a wanderlust at heart.. and love to travel, explore and wander the world with my hubby
  • I love to have long girl talks with my best friends over a glass of red wine

I truly love the art of photography, and I believe I have been blessed with a gift that I exude through my work.  I have also been told I’m a very patient and personable person, which I feel has enabled me to bring out the true inner beauty of each of my clients.  In the beginning of my journey I stumbled upon a quote that really encapsulated my view on photography.. “There are many things in life that will capture your eye, but very few will capture your heart. These are the ones worth keeping.”
I look forward to meeting you!

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